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Who we are?

Muzammil Usman (CEO)

Muzammil Usman is a master animator with a passion for storytelling. His expertise in 3D animation and visual effects brings fantastical worlds to life. With a portfolio of captivating projects, Muzammil’s work continues to inspire and push the boundaries of animation.

Amin Afaq (CEO)

Amin Afaq, the master of lighting and compositing, brings scenes to life with unmatched artistry. His keen eye for detail and creative flair create captivating visuals that enrich storytelling. Amin’s contributions continue to inspire audiences worldwide, leaving a lasting impression in the industry.

Ateeq Ahmed (CEO)

Ateeq Ahmed, a CG generalist extraordinaire, crafts digital wonders with precision and artistry. His diverse skill set and dedication to excellence bring imagination to life in stunning visual worlds. Ateeq’s creations inspire and leave an indelible mark on the industry, showcasing his visionary talent and technical finesse.